Prevention (prophylaxis) is the key for your dental health. The main cause for the damaging of the hard tissues of the tooth (caries) and of the periodontium (the consequences are periodontitis and bone resorption) is the settlement of various bacteria on the surface of the teeth. The good oral hygiene, the dental preventive examinations and the prophylactic treatments provide you with a long-term protection for yourself and your teeth against such diseases.

Every human is different and thus, their eating and cleaning habits! For this reason, we offer individually adjusted prophylaxis to each patient. We offer prophylaxis intervals according to individual factors, such as the risk for caries and periodontitis, irregular order of the teeth, the coating index, the consummation of nicotine, as well as the previous and actual diseases.

The costs for the prophylactic treatments intended for our young patients will be covered by the mandatory health insurance.

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