The term periodontitis covers the diseases of the periodontium. More teeth are lost as a result of periodontitis (also known as paradentosis) than due to caries, since the bacteria which cause periodontitis quickly spread throughout the mouth and attack the periodontium of all teeth. If the disease is not treated, there are unavoidable consequences such as disintegration of the periodontium, and thus, the jaw bone. Teeth become loose and fall. In addition to this, many studies have confirmed that the periodontitis is a risk factor for coronary heart diseases, apoplexy, diabetes and giving early births.

Regardless of the degree of the disease of your gum, we will use the most contemporary treatment methods to help you restore the health of your teeth.

Overview of our periodontal services:

  • Periodontal diagnostics via test with DNA probes (microbiology test) for determination of the risk and the determination of the presence of bacteria, preparation of antibiogram
  • Protective periodontal treatment with instructions for the oral hygiene measures and motivation
  • Operational periodontal treatment for the purpose of saving strongly infected teeth, bone regeneration, via Emdogain and regenerative surgery for soft tissue
  • Aesthetic returning of soft tissues in case of recession (pulling back of the gum) by means of microsurgical procedures
  • Transplantation of connective tissue

Periodontology and reconstructive periodontal surgery

Most contemporary teeth preservation


Diagnostics of jaw joints and functional therapy

Conservative oral surgery and implantology, teeth implants

Aesthetic dentures – Smile Makeover