Teeth implants

If you lose a tooth, the most important thing is to keep the function and aesthetic of the natural teeth. Today, the implants are the most logical and most aesthetic option to replace teeth. Today’s implants are prepared by biocompatible materials. They are painlessly implanted in the place of the root of the natural tooth and mimic the function of the tooth’s root. After the healing phase, the implants are covered with a crown or a bridge in case of larger holes. It is quite possible that the implants can be used as supporting elements for a denture.

With their fixed position, you will have no problems chewing, laughing or speaking. Or, in short: the implants help you enjoy life to the fullest once again.

Conservative oral surgery and implantology

One of our main treatments is the conservative oral surgery. Novica Lozankovski is a oral surgery specialist, with many years of experience with minimum invasive oral surgical and implantological interventions. We can offer you the entire spectrum of oral surgery, from operative preservation of teeth, to transplants of bone for implanting interventions. This means that you do not need to visit additional surgical offices, but you will be completely and competently taken care of by us.

In bone surgery and implantology, we work with Piezotome. Piezo surgery is the most conservative method which uses ultrasound technology to processes the bone. In this way, the bone substance is conservatively treated, while the soft tissue (for example the nerves, connecting tissue, blood vessels etc.) are not injured event if they are touched accidentally. This non-traumatic treatment of course has advantages in the postoperative process of healing.

For the patients who are afraid, we also offer various anxiolytic alternatives. We offer you vast choices, from medication with a mild sedative effect, all the way to a deep sleep, in order to make the time you dedicate to your dental health, as pleasant as possible.

The most popular dental surgical operations in our office are:

  • Surgery for teeth preservation (apicoectomy with orthograde or retrograde root canal filling, hemisection, deliberate replantation, root amputation, surgical lengthening of the crown, bone regeneration of parodontal damaged teeth)
  • Removal of retained teeth and germectomy
  • Surgical removal of teeth which cannot be kept, of removed or retained wisdom teeth, mesiodens
  • Traumatology – replants of avulsed teeth and treatment of wounds after an accident, treatment of fractures of Processus alveolaris
  • Frenulum excision (cheek, lip and tongue frenulum) in tooth migration, creation of diastems and palate withdrawal
  • Removal of cysts, treatment of abscesses
  • preparatory surgeries for dentures, improvement of denture fixing (excision of alveolar jaw bone, vesicular plastic)
  • Bone regeneration and augmentation, removing bone block and transplantation of bone block
  • External and internal sinus lift
  • Simple and complex insertion of implants
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Tumor diagnostics and removal of tumors
  • Removal of sialolithiasis, treatment of xerostomia

Periodontology and reconstructive periodontal surgery

Most contemporary teeth preservation


Diagnostics of jaw joints and functional therapy

Conservative oral surgery and implantology, teeth implants

Aesthetic dentures – Smile Makeover