Aesthetic dentures – Smile Makeover

Nicely kept teeth have a great role in self-perception and self-confidence. The shining smile is a global sign of cordiality. We will give our best so that you can preserve the health of your own teeth. But, even if some of your teeth are missing, or if they cannot be saved, we can help you achieve functioning, shining teeth with the aesthetic dentures. For that purpose, we not only have the necessary knowledge in the field of dentistry, but we have at our disposal our own laboratory for dental technique. In this way, the denture will be perfectly adjusted to your personal desires and it will be made quickly.


If your smile is not the smile of your dreams, contact us! We will advise you individually about how we can fulfill your aesthetic ideas together. The magic word is “Smile Makeover“. It doesn’t matter if you are interested in whitening your teeth, or correcting a tooth position, or both. Sometimes to acquire a beautiful, shining smile is not all that complicated as it seems. With today’s invasive dental techniques, we can achieve great aesthetic success with a minimum or even without loss of the hard tissue of the tooth.

Our denture services include:

  • minimum invasive aesthetic veneers, partial crowns
  • highly aesthetic crowns or crowns which carry implants, bridges
  • complete or partial teeth dentures or complete or partial implant-borne crown
  • internal bleaching
  • home – Bleaching
  • in-office – Bleaching

Periodontology and reconstructive periodontal surgery

Most contemporary teeth preservation


Diagnostics of jaw joints and functional therapy

Conservative oral surgery and implantology, teeth implants

Aesthetic dentures – Smile Makeover