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Welcome to our dental and oral surgery office in the center of Baden-Baden.
Prevention (prophylaxis) is the key for your dental health. The main cause for the damaging of the hard tissues of the tooth (caries) and of the periodontium (the consequences are periodontitis and bone resorption) is the settlement of various bacteria on the surface of the teeth…
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Most contemporary teeth preservation
We, the dentists, know best: there is nothing more important than our teeth to be healthy. We will employ the most contemporary dental methods to save the severely damaged teeth, and thus, to return the functionality and the aesthetics of your teeth…
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Periodontology and reconstructive periodontal surgery
The term periodontitis covers the diseases of the periodontium. More teeth are lost as a result of periodontitis (also known as paradentosis) than due to caries, since the bacteria which cause periodontitis quickly spread throughout the mouth and attack the periodontium of all teeth…
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Aesthetic dentures – Smile Makeover
Nicely kept teeth have a great role in self-perception and self-confidence. The shining smile is a global sign of cordiality. We will give our best so that you can preserve the health of your own teeth. But, even if some of your teeth are missing, or if they cannot be saved…
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Conservative oral surgery and implantology, teeth implants
If you lose a tooth, the most important thing is to keep the function and aesthetic of the natural teeth. Today, the implants are the most logical and most aesthetic option to replace teeth. Today’s implants are prepared by biocompatible materials…
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Diagnostics of jaw joints and functional therapy
If you have permanent headaches, migraines, ear pains with or without tinnitus, neck and back pains, this can be caused by incorrect operation of the mastication system. However, affected persons often find it difficult to locate the pain…
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